Bombay Samachar Newspaper Hyderabad Branch Contact Number

Tel No 22 67707001 | 67707002 | 67707003
Email Id
Language Gujarathi
Float No. 101, Sidhartha Mayuri Apartments, PlotNo. 160, Punjagutta, Hyderabad
Pincode 500016
Location Hyderabad

About Bombay Samachar Newspaper

The Hyderabad Samachar, Asia’s oldest newspaper since 1822, is a Gujarati language daily. It was founded by a Parsi scholar and priest by the name of Fardoonji Murazban. However as on present day the newspaper is run and managed by the Cama Family 1933 having its base in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Samachar was a weekly newspaper during its initial days from 1822 until 1832.Then somewhere in 1855 it became a bi-weekly and after 1855, it become a daily newspaper. Today, it has grown to a large extent to become a major Guajarati newspaper in the western Indian region. It is well read in India and abroad too by a large section of the Guajarati speaking community.

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Our Readers:

  • 76.8% IE readers belong to Elite (SEC A & B)
  • 69.9% IE readers are atleast graduates
  • 62.1% IE readers are 20-49 plus age group
  • 53% IE readers spend more than 30mins reading the paper
  • 23% IE readers spend more than 2hrs reading the paper

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