Vijay Karnataka Newspaper Indore Branch Contact Number

Tel No 22 67707001 | 67707002 | 67707003
Email Id
Language Kannada
C/o – Times Of India, 2nd NRK Business PAK, Business Park, Near Mangal City Mall Vijayanagar Square, Indore
Pincode 0731 – 4028726
Location Indore

About Vijay Karnataka Newspaper

     Lokmat Times Papers limited was established in the year 1971 by chairman Mr Shyam Agarwal and with that
the launch of weekly hindi newspaper i.e. Raviwar ka Anand was eventually upgraded to a hindi daily called ‘Lokmat Times’ in 1979.
Lokmat Times has the target audience which includes people from all age groups and middle class families. It includes local news,
national news, current affairs, astrology, health, spirituality and women issues. The Major circulation of this paper is in pune it has
separate editions for pune and Aurangabad. Its Circulation reaches approximately upto 2,82,052 copies in almost all cities of Maharashtra.

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Our Readers:

  • 76.8% IE readers belong to Elite (SEC A & B)
  • 69.9% IE readers are atleast graduates
  • 62.1% IE readers are 20-49 plus age group
  • 53% IE readers spend more than 30mins reading the paper
  • 23% IE readers spend more than 2hrs reading the paper

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